1.900 SEK

Essnova CTRL 2.0 renamed from last years Supernova 1.9. It’s the same racket but the name has changed and some few changes to the design as well.

Essnova CTRL 2.0 is for the intermediate player looking for a racket with lots of control at an affordable price.

Compared to the more expensive models made of carbon Essnova CTRL 2.0 is made of alutex. Alutex is a material that lasts for a long time and combined with EVA Soft Energy you get a flexible racket and a comfortable feeling while playing. The frame is produced of high-quality materials and consists of 50 % carbon and 50 % glass fibre.

Essnova CTRL 2.0 is for the player looking for an upgrade from a beginner racket. This racket gives a better feeling and touch compared to a beginner racket and last but not least better control.

There is also put some extra grip on the racket face so the racket has even better connection with the ball now than with the old Supernova CTRL 1.9.






Alutex / Glassfiber

Level of play

Beginner, Intermediate

Style of Play



360 – 370 gr, 370 – 380 gr

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