Adipower 2.0 has gotten a little rename from last years Adipower ATTK 1.9. They have removed the ATTK (stands for attack) but the racket is still made for attacking players. The Adipower 2.0 is an amazing racket. The design of the racket is stunning but of more significance is the feeling during play. The biggest difference between Adipower 2.0 and Adipower Soft 2.0 is EVA. Adipower 2.0 uses High Memory and the Soft 2.0 uses Soft Performance.

High Memory EVA makes the touch on the ball smooth and generates more power in the shots without losing control and resistance. The oversized diamond head also creates a bigger sweet spot in the top of the racket.

Adipower 2.0 has a carbon aluminized face which combined with the rigged carbon ribs in the middle of the racket gives a great combination of power and stability in your shots. The carbon ribs also give shots more spin and makes it easier to cut the ball and achieve the desired undercut.

This racket is for the player looking for great design but also wants a racket that performs great and is long lasting due to the aluminized carbon used in the face.

This year they have put even more into the design. Adidas is one of the best rackets on the market. Not only is it an amazing racket to play with but the looks are incredible.







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360 – 370 gr, 370 – 380 gr

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